Virtual games and picture of Black woman or African American woman hosting a virtual happy hour. To host virtual happy hour, she has virtual happy hour invitations and virtual happy hour games and online happy hour games that can be games to play on zoom.

Virtual Happy Hour: Ladies Night In + Virtual Couples Night Bundle

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With this bundle, have fun having conversations and doing activities related to about the fashions, sex, and self-care.Then get with your significant other to celebrate black love, black movies, and black tv. Each download includes: 

  • A fun theme
  • A Host Guide with planning and hosting tips
  • An editable, digital invitation
  • 3 games related to sex and being a hot girl (Happy Hour) and black movies and tv (Couples Night)
  • Conversation Starters
  • Host notes
  • Graphics and memes
  • Tech tips


We have the plan. All you need to do is download the party and then use your Gmail or Zoom account to host your virtual celebration.